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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 26, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. a whale-watching trip turns into a fight for survival. the dramatic video as the ship sinks. >> the first boat on scene just saw people all over the place in the water. >> at least five people dead. the investigation right now and why the tragedy could have been worse. breaking news. a massive earthquake rocking pakistan and south asia this morning. the 7.5 quake sending people running into the streets. aftershocks still being felt. a school collapses. incluring children. and new reports of damage as we come on to the air. also breaking. a new report this morning raising red flags about some of the most popular foods on your
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breakfast plate. are bacon, ham and sausage as big a cancer threat as smoking? and the new concerns about red meat. the industry firing back right now. and flipping out over adele. the superstar's new video setting records and raising questions. what's the story behind that flip phone? and why is lionel richie asking the grammy winner, are it me is it me you're looking for? and good morning, america. so many people checking in on adele and that video. welcome back, hope you had a great weekend. robin, welcome back to you. how is that shoulder? >> one wing is still under repair. it's nice to have the arm sling slung over there. i still can't believe what ultimately led to the surgery. breaking news this morning. >> the major earthquake in afghanistan and felt in neighboring countries. we'll get to that in a moment.
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but first, the deadly whale-watching accident in canada. at least five people killed. neal karlinsky has the latest from vancouver. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. a horrific scene. whale-watching is very popular here. normally perfectly safe. why no one can understand what brought the ship down on what seemed like a perfectly normal fall afternoon. this new video shows the last moments after a cruise off vancouver island turned into a horrifying struggle for survival. the 60-foot ship all but submerged. sticking out of the 55-degree water. officials say 27 people were on board the tour boat. >> the cause of the capsizing is presently under investigation. >> reporter: this morning, at least five are confirmed dead. and 21 rescued. including at least eight transported to hospitals. two taken by air and listed in critical condition. many others reportedly treated
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and released. one person remains missing. >> what we heard was the first boat on scene just -- just people all over the the place in the water. >> reporter: residents on vancouver island where the boat departed said every boat available joined in the search, including native american tribes, some of the first to pull people out. the distress call coming in at 3:19 in the afternoon on sunday, after "the leviathan" one of the most popular whale-watching boats was out looking for whales. >> like, 27 wasn't fully loaded. it could have been much worse. >> reporter: because of the boat's large size, passengers are not required to wear their life jackets while on board. it's unclear if anyone was when this suddenly went from a whale-watching excursion to a fight for survival.
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rocking afghanistan and neighboring countries. terry morn terry moran is in london with the latest. >> reporter: this was a big one. 7.5 magnitude. it struck northern afghanistan in the middle of the afternoon. we're getting early reports of deaths, damages, injuries. a building cracked top to bottom in pakistan by the shaking. it lasted up to a minute. people fleeing into the street there is. a little boy treat frd a head wound. and we're hearing among materially reports school children dead in northern pakistan. collapsed. you can sense the panic. there had. right now, just the earliest reports as you say. five killed. at least 100 injured. those numbers will rise. the epicenter in a remote region. the quake very deep. they're bracing for more shaking there.
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robin? >> such a wide area. >> felt in a lot of places. now to the cleanup from hurricane patricia. the storm moving east. dozens of people saved from fast-rising water. rob marciano is on the scene in houston. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, george. water rescue teams scrambling over the weekend. the rain coming down fast and furious. damaging winds. hoous. hit hard. some of the bayous in the city rising quickly as the water kept piling up. overnight, relentless rains across louisiana. over eight sinchs falling, with winds reaching 80 miles per hour. an elderly woman injured after a tornado touches down. texas still reeling from floodwaters. winds reaching over 50 miles per hour there. strong enough to push this empty tanker to shore. the high water in houston is draining. slowly.
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all over this city. at least 75 rescues south of dallas alone. this elderly man and his dog rescued from his truck. and in san antonio, one man found alive after being swept away by rushing waters. >> it was a wild ride for him. >> reporter: if flood so powerful, knocking this freight train on the side. in part from the remnants of the most powerful storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere. wind gusts at up to 245 miles per hour. mexico. the winds flip this truck over. the pacific ocean rising nearly ten feet. this morning, while no death focusing on cleanup. it could take weeks to restore power. and part of patricia lives on in southeast texas. wind advisories in effect. the rain has stopped. the center of the storm has moved on.
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now the eastern third of the country will get at least a taste of this historic storm. >> thank you, rob. we'll talk to ginger. gulf coast on alert? >> a flash flood watch from jackson, mississippi, to slidell, louisiana. all the way to panama city, florida. three to six inches could fall. tornado watch includes biloxi this morning. you could see a spin-up. i wanted to touch on patricia. we saw the catastrophic storm coming. saying 165 miles an hour. it died off quickly and missed the major population centers. we're so fortunate more damage and death didn't come from this. it was 165 miles across. 15 miles across. very lucky. >> the race for president now. "your voice, your vote." donald trump on the take. taking aim at ben carson. trump drawing fire for his religion.
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tom llamas is track the campaigns this morning. good morning, tom. >> reporter: trump says he can't understand these polls. and dr. ben carson, if he wants an apology, he better not hold his breath. this morning, donald trump focused on a new target. dr. ben carson. why? two recent polls show carson beating trump in iowa. >> we informed ben, but he was sleeping. >> reporter: and trump saying this about carson's religion. >> i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh dayed a venn adventists, i don't know about. i just don't know about. line. >> a couple of months ago, i said something that he took as an attack on his faith. i apologized for that.
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>> reporter: on "this week," he told george, he's done nothing wrong. >> i said i don't know about it. that's not an insult. >> reporter: and trump keeping the pressure on jeb bush, a one-time front-runner, now struggling. reorganize nigz his campaign. slashing the payroll by 40%. >> bush has no money. he's cutting. he's meetding today with mommy and daddy. and they're working on their campaign. >> reporter: bush saying he's tired of the gridlock if washington. and voters should turn to trump if they want nothing 'do done in the white house. >> i got a lot of cool things i could do other than sitting around and listening to people demonize me and feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> reporter: jeb bush not going anywhere any time soon. three generations of the bush family are in houston rite now, rallying with jeb's biggest money.
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>> looking to the big debate wednesday night. to the democrats now. vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, opening up about the decision not the run for president. jon karl has the story. >> reporter: joe biden said family tragedy delayed his decision on running for president. if he had in the end, thought he could have won, he would have run. joe biden says he wanted to run for president. and would have, if he thought he could have won. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that -- that our supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have -- gone ahead and done it. >> reporter: the problem, biden told "60 minutes." was that it took too long to overcome the grief following the death of his son, beau, who died in may from brain cancer. the family's grief was still too raw. >> i thought, well, you know, i think we can do this. my granddaughter puts her arms
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around me and starts sobbing. she says, pop, i see daddy all the time. i see daddy all the time. pop, you smell like daddy. you're not going to leave me, are you, pop? >> reporter: by now, hillary clinton seemed to be riding high in iowa over the weekend with a little help from katy perry. you're gonna hear me roar >> reporter: and also bill clinton appearing at his first rally of the campaign. >> i'm tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse. >> reporter: hillary clinton seeming as confident as ever. she addressed the an all-jefferson jackson dinner. >> sometimes you just have to let them hear you roar. >> reporter: but there's still bernie saernds. hillary's strongest remaining democratic challenger says he's not ready to concede anything. predicting he would upset her just like barack obama did eight years ago. >> i think we're going to prove
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the pundits wrong again. >> reporter: today is hillary clinton's birthday. as any politician will tell you, that means a chance to raise money. last night, she celebrated with a star-studded fund-raiser where tony bennett sang happy birthday, along with demi lo lovato and john legend. we get the latest on the raid to free dozens of hostages in iraq. martha raddatz just back from the region. >> reporter: we knew the fire fight was intense and an american delta force member killed. but this video shows just how harrowing this mission was. [ gun fire ] a rare and riveting view seen from what amoors to be a helmet cam. with gunfire crackling throughout the compound, u.s.
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special of rations forces and kurdish troops guide the 70 isis-held hostages to freedom. a father of four sons, jacob wheeler, shot and killed in the raid. the mission was not supposed to be a combat mission. the same story in afghanistan. while u.s. forces may not be involved in any direct ground combat here in afghanistan, air power is going 24/7. in just the last six months, u.s. war planes flying 2500 sorties. >> we've expended over 7,000 rounds of 20 millimeter and dropped hundreds of munitions. >> reporter: in both iraq and afghanistan, u.s. officials say the local forces have made progress. but as the iraq raid shows, they still need a lot of help. we may see more casualties in the future.
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now to the breaking news linking meat and cancer. the world health organization publishing a report this morning on the dangers of processed and red meats. dr. richard besser is here to break it down. just released moments ago. it came down hard on processed meats. >> they pulled together international experts to look t all of the data. what is the risk here? they concluded processed meat is clearly linked to an increase in cancer, particularly coalen chancer. red meat probably is. this is something that a lot of people have had questions on. >> the american cancer society all along has said about limiting consumption of red meat. >> i think some of this is the international community catching up. what they say in terms of meat is, it's not a you can't have any. you want to reduce the amount of processed meat you're taking in.
7:15 am
switch from red meat to fish and poultry and lean forms of meat. when you're cooking, go with broiling, baking. those things will not release some of the chemicals that they think may will linked to cancer. >> in anticipation of this report coming out, the meat industry released a statement that classifying red and processed meat as cancer hazards defies both common sense and numerous studies showing no kor ration between meat and cancer. >> we have a look of independent people saying there is a link and there are things to reduce the risk. >> your bottom line advice? >> moderation. as we say with everything. cut down. plant-based diets are the way to go. you don't have to eliminate. but cut back. >> thank you, rich. amy has the morning's other top stories. breaking news. reports that a possible car
7:16 am
an army base in belgium. gunfire was heard after a car tried to ram the main gate. explosives reportedly found inside the car. the suspect fled on foot. we'll have updates throughout the day. back here at home, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire at north carolina central university. the campus locked down overnight. a student was reportedly shot from behind while trying to flee that area. the stunt is expected to survive. this comes just days after a deadly shooting on a college campus in nashville. a new warning that the economy is slowing down. some of the largest american companies are reporting drops in rev new and profits for the first time since the recession. the wall street journal saying industrial companies are being hit hard by slumping energy prices and slowing markets overseas. new coast guard video showing a dramatic rescue in the south pacific. a fishing boat with 36 people
7:17 am
the crew evacuated on to lifeboats until another ship came by and rescued them. everyone is okay. and finally, chris christie won't win any votes in the amtrak quiet car. governor christie not exactly known for his inside voice. he was returning from washington when he was kicked out of the quiet car for talking on his phone. he reportedly said, you're kidding. this is the quiet car? his spokesperson released this statement, after breaking the cardinal rule of the quiet car, the governor promptly left. sincere apologies to all patrons of the quiet car that were offended. full disclosure, this happened to me, too. you're running into to the train, you're on the phone, you're like -- >> uh-oh, wrong car. >> honest mistake. >> that quiet car is no joke. >> no. >> put that phone away. thank you, amy. big news on gas prices in
7:18 am
back at 7:18. with the thanksgiving travel weekend less than a month away, gas prices are falling. >> reporter: good morning. it's great news this morning. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.20. almost a dollar less than it was this time last year. nine states in the country are now paying $2 or less a gallon at the pump.
7:19 am
the cheapest gas in the country? charleston charleston, south carolina. $1.85. in los angeles. more than a dollar more than the cheapest dpas in the country. for americans, we're saving at the pump, $350 million a day. >> that's a real economic boost. thank you, rebecca. >> just in time for the holiday. thanks giving is almost around the corner. much more ahead only on "gma" this morning. new details about the driver who caused the deadly parade accident. the police captain investigating joining us this morning. as the holiday season approaches. a new aall right about your packages. thieves using new technology. fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.
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the gulf this morning. it moves to the north. i stopped it here wednesday at 8:00 a.m. washington, d.c., danielle: good morning, more of that heavy rain threat coming midweek. the weekend is looking cool right now. temperatures warm up into the upper 40' s, looking at lots of sunshine. the rain is coming my name is 208 ridge road. and i've...seen things. like the sock rampage of 2010. the sleep eating of 2012. p and the babysitter make-out
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>> this is the newscenter 5 update. randy: top story, police in saugus are searching for hit-and-run driver en route one just after 11:00 last night. a dorchester man will be in court following an attack on a woman at fenway. it happened sunday morning in an alley off of park drive and he threatens to kill the with a knife, but she is gay without serious injury. sunshine is the this monday, that is right. danielle: the temperatures are very clly. 35 in worcester , in the 20' s in orange. it will be warming up into the
7:27 am
it also dominates tomorrow, rain chances increase into the afternoon. they continue into thursday. randy: let' s check in with jeff. jeff: it was a tough one, where the crash and 24, but that is cleared up. there were still some traffic on 95, and the remnants of may 24 crash has been very slow through rain him. the -- back to randy. randy: you can watch the latest newscenter 5 anytime on the mobile app. have a great monday. r ready to head out when others head home. p
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welcome back, everyone, to "gma." you're looking live at satellite images of the storm moving east this morning. it's the remains of hurricane patricia, bringing powerful jour pours to the gulf coast. flood threats this morning. that storm causing major flooding in texas. dozens of people rescued from fast-rising waters. >> good morning, america. some of the other head plooins the woman who crashed into a homecoming parade in -- at oklahoma state university. much more on that. and the meat industry pushing back on the phew report saying sausage, bacon, and ham smoking?
7:31 am
the report saying red meat probably linked as well. we all heard adele over the week end. >> the video. the throwback flip phone. >> lionel richie. >> it's great. >> we're going to have more of >> it's fantastic. the song is great. the video has everybody talking. jesse is here. you'll have much more on all that's behind it. >> going old school with the flip phone. we're going to begin with the deadly car crash at oklahoma state university's homecoming. the driver being held on second-degree murder charges. ryan owens is in stillwater, oklahoma, with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. the driver will be in the courthouse behind me in a couple of hours. she's now facing four murder charges. the d.a. say she is was on drunks when this happened. her attorney says she's mentally ill. the video is disturbing. first you hear the driver hit a
7:32 am
then you see the gray car plow into a crowd of screaming paradegoers. the moment of impact too difficult to show. >> we need help. >> reporter: the casualty count is staggering. 4 dead, 47 injured. >> it hit people just like thump, thump, thump, as people were flying. >> reporter: the woman behind the wheel, 25-year-old adacia chambers. first charged with driving under the influence. now police adding four counts of second-degree murder. amid the carnage and chaos, one paradegoer held her down before police could cuffer. officials believe she was on drugs. her attorney says she wubt drunk. doubts she took drugs. but cannot rule anything out until he sees toxicology results. >> in my opinion, miss chambers
7:33 am
exactly what type is yet to be determined. she doesn't remember a whel lot about what happened. there was a period where she could have even blacked out. >> reporter: he believes his young client is suicidal. she's unlikely to get sympathy from the community. mourning the loss of required professor marvin stone and his wife, bonn mooe. nakita nakal and-year-old nash lucas. his father posting on facebook, i miss you so much, buddy. we're hearing from chambers' father, who tells abc news, his daughter is quote a good christian girl. george? >> thanks, ryan. we're join bid captain kyle gibbs with the stillwater police. thank you for joining us this morning. we learned overnight that the charges have been upgraded from
7:34 am
manslaughter to second-degree murder. >> you have someone driving under the influence and they end up killing four persons. that's the reason for the htds charge. >> tell us about the suspect. do you believe this was deliberate deliberate? >> i'm sure there are days left before we can draw conclusions like that. certainly, the decision to become intoxicated or under the influence and drive a car was certainly intentional. >> and what more do we know about what happened before the accident? some reports she left work early. may have been fired. from her job, perhaps. perhaps because she was suspected of using drugs there. >> don't know. we have heard the same rumors and speculation. our people will try to run that down and figure out what happened in the hours and minutes leading up to this incident. >> has miss chambers said anything to you or your investigators about what's happened? >> no, she's made no statements to us whatsoever. now she has legal representation.
7:35 am
>> that attorney believes she may have a mental illness. any signs of that? >> not that we have heard of, at this point. >> when do you expect the results of the toxicology tests? >> it will probably be a couple of weeks. we're hoping that the osbi, who analyzes the blood samples can step that up for us. >> finally, sir. such a blow to your community. how is your community handling it? what is the latest on the victims in the hospital? >> i believe there's 17 victims still in the hospital. last night, we were checking, of course, on the critical conditions. those five patients in critical condition are still in critical. nobody's been released. we were unable to get updated status on 100% of them. that will continue today. >> okay, can't gibbs, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> boy, such a horrifying incident. >> can't imagine. just in time for the holiday
7:36 am
have figured out a better way to steal packages off your doorstep. using a phone happ to time their crime perfectly. kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: it's a typical package delivery. a u.p.s. driver leaving packages on the front porch. watch what happens next. a u-haul van backing into the driveway. the driver snatching two packages. >> he picked the wrong house. >> reporter: this man's 0 home surveillance videos. >> he has to be one of the stupidest criminals. i have science that say, smile, you're on video tape. >> reporter: this morning, the los angeles police department saying the suspects were tracking u.p.s. trucks on a phone app and attempted to locate packages without a tracking number.
7:37 am
u.p.s. denying their technology was compromised. >> we're chasing her. >> reporter: this thief caught in the act. in west virginia, a woman playing the role of a grinch, snatching holiday packages. even the wreath right off the front door. experts warning shoppers to be wear as online retail sales s s s s soar this year. experts recommend signing up for text alerts or installing security cameras. for "good morning america," angeles. >> good cushion suggestions. new kurns about the dangers of high school football. gio has more. >> reporter: hey, robin. the urgent new warning coming from doctors. coming up, we're going to show you what they think will help keep kids safe. all coming up on "gma." the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter.
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growing concern about the dangers of high school football. in the first seven weeks of this season, there have been seven deaths related to high school football. that compared to 11 all of last season. gio benitez has the story from field. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning to you. take a look at this. imagine that kind of impact on your head, 650 time. that's the ample number of times that a high school player is hit in the head. so this morning, we've got a phew warning for you. it's one of the key ingredients in high school football. tackling. but just seven weeks into the season, seven young athletes already losing their lives. after playing on the gridiron. compared to 11 in all of 2014. raising new concerns that the hard hits may make 2015 one of the deadliest in high school football history. the latest tragedy, 17-year-old
7:43 am
force injuries friday morning after a hit to the head during a game if chicago the night before. >> he's like a brother to me. he was a brother to me. >> reporter: now, this morning, the american academy of pediatrics raising the issue. new recommendations to keeping kids safe. most importantly, zero tolerance for el lyingle and dangerous hits. >> we need to stop the head-to-head hits. make sure kids are being taught on proper tackling technique. >> do not ever try this at all. >> reporter: this video saying what not to do. spearing. leading with their head. an illegal play that can cause serious spinal cord injury. keeping athletic trainers on the sidelines in practice and games. and the most extreme, removing tackling from high school football altogether.
7:44 am
>> anything you can do to reduce injury will reduce the overall injury rate. >> reporter: most player, parents, coaches, will say nontackle football is not realistic. right now, they're going to show you how to do it safely. >> you're coming in full speed, break down, these are your points on the shoulder. you step in athletically, you poup your hands up, throw your hips through, never stop your feet. >> reporter: you're looking up at the sky. the idea is not to come in with the helmet and hit the body. that's it, robin? >> that's right. leading with the head leads to to you all, gio. and adele's new video. >> no one is reacting like lionel richie. feed.
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hello? sorry. back now with "the speed feed." and everyone is talking about adele's new cigle. it's called "hello." >> adele is back.
7:49 am
and the video for her brand-new single, hello, it's gotten a record-setting 5 million views in 4 hours. stealing the spot light, the old school flip phone. the director says they used it because he doesn't like filming modern phones. whatever. social media can't get enough. #fill #flipphone. she started singing when she couldn't get a signal on her flip phone. and, why is adele still using a flip phone? no wonder it's taken her four years to call. lionel rich shi sharing this mashup with his hit of the same name. take a look. [ phone ringing ] hello. hello, sit me you're looking for [ busy signal ] >> very clever. >> those two would make a great duo. >> right.
7:50 am
flip phone is easier to text on. >> i like the aggressive hangup. >> it does photograph better. >> it does. >> isn't she talking about manager that happened a long time ago. spl sure. so it's hearkening back. >> she call this is makeup album. >> it was worth the wait. >> i think it was four years. it is fantastic. if you read the words, it's heartbreaking and quite beautiful. thank you, jess. >> you're welcome. when we come back, investigating nannies and how they're really behaving when you're not around. come on back. here's a great "improve this" tip from lowe's. you want to make the best jack-o'-lantern? use a cookie kiter and a hammer. to help put the boo into your halloween, go the "good morning america" america" america".com on yahoo! to see more. what? r i've drawn a blank.
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7:54 am
ever us. new this holiday at kay, jared and zale's. and the fall colors in full effect in the smoky mountains of tennessee. we thought we would start with that. this morning, freezing from fort davis to topeka. tomorrow morning, chilly in the
7:55 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline
7:56 am
>> live from channel 5, this is the newscenter 5 eyeopener update. randy: good morning, looking at a blank and sunny skyline this monday morning. danielle: that' s right, but temperatures are on the weight down. only in the 50' s in boston, 40' s only in worcester. lots of sunshine, than watching the remnants of patricia heading in our direction. it looks like it. of heavy -- looks like a period
7:57 am
of heavy rain after that. into the 60' s. randy: and nothing on the morning commute. jeff: some delays out there on route 2 eastbound that you come up towards 495, that is all the way back towards leominster. still a half-hour to that backup, very heavy traffic on expressway. randy: top story, state police can from this morning that a vehicle in saugus has died. investigators are searching for the driver, the victim was struck along route one just after 11:00 last night. the driver was driving a mercedes, although the description was vague. this woman will be in court today, accused of killing her uncle. they say she shot clive rented outside his home on boston. the expected here more on what happened during the arraignment
7:58 am
coming up in our next maxx your thing at t.j.maxx r with better brands, p at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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8:00 am
pressure good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. investigating nannies who could be behaving badly. the surveillance video revealing what the people caring for your kids are really doing when you're not there. model diagnosis. from the runway to the real-life fight for her health. the but check that sent her back to the doctor. and helping uncover what was really wrong. and the force has awakened. burning questions. fan favorites from han to leia to chewie are back. where is luke? >> these are good questions to be asking. it's no accident. and don't be jealous. just be confident.
8:01 am
stars have to announce together this morning? demi lovato and nick jonas, live on gma. you ain't never had a friend like me as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] and good morning, america. boy, ne-yo looking sharp this monday morning. a big announcement from demi and nick. >> and the countdown is on to halloween. we're getting into the spirit. starting this morning, take a look. take a look. these incredible pumpkins from artist john kempman. >> george, your hair is spot on. >> black hair. we got it there.
8:02 am
>> you're having too much fun. >> i want to say something about your hair. robin, chic. you feeling better? >> had a little surgery last week and you know, i played basketball, played tennis. all those things. remember a few years ago, for a milestone birthday, milestone, i danced with maks, right? i did extensive rehearsing with his brother, bay be brother, val. we rehearsed over and over and over again. i actually injured my shoulder dancing with maks. >> are you serious? >> it's a certain move. it's called the new yorker. this one like this. and doing this -- >> can you not do it now? >> you're going the ruin your other shoulder? >> that is it in a nutshell. yes. so stay away from maks and val. >> yes. >> glad to have you back. >> a basketball story. >> i know, really. thank you. a shoutout to hss. hospital for special surgery. they're amazing. just doing this out in front of
8:03 am
people because i can't, you know i love to hug. all's good. all's good. >> hug-free zone. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. massive earthquake rocking afghanistan and pakistan. powerful enough to shake much of south asia. the 7.5 quake crumbled buildings, cut off power and communication. sent panicked pamlys running into the streets. at least 9 people killed in northwest pakistan alone. that number could rise dramatically dramatically. infest rate is vestigate ors trying to find out why a whale-watching ship sunk. the boat sank in calm conditions. those on board were not required to wear life jackets. a new warning about the link between processed meats and cancer. the risks now being compared to smoking. bacon, sausage, and ham have a
8:04 am
clear link to cancer, and they say, red meat is probably linked. the meat industry rejects the findings. experts say it's a good idea to limit your intake of red and processed meats. oscar pistorius is out of jail and under house arrest for the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. steenkamp's father wants to meet pistorius face to face. he says i think i will get more closure one day if i get the chance to speak to oscar myself. most probably i wouldn't have to say anything. pistorius served one year behind bars. he'll spend the rest of his arrest. next week, prosecutors try once again for a murder conviction. entering your pass code at the atm may soon be a thing of the past. citigroup is exer permitting
8:05 am
with a new system that checks your eyes. and an unusual sale is breaking records. this cracker is officially the most expensive cracker in the world. it was part of a lifeboat survival kit on "the titanic." that cracker sold at auction for nearly $23,000. all right. finally, the frenzy over the new "star wars" trailer. the most views in 24 hours. 18 million views. now j.j. abrams is speak out about the record response. >> we were all thrilled that the trailer was seen and embraced. especially people who were saying that they're not really fans of "star wars" but they're interested no seeing this now. it's a testament to the cast. >> and it's 128 million views.
8:06 am
and when asked why luke skywalker was left out of the trailer, abrams replied, i can't wait for you the find out the answer. ooh. the movie opens december 18th. it's produced by a division of abc's parent company, disney. 18 million people at least kountding down the days. >> i'm one of those. i wasn't a "star wars" groupie at all. >> that darth vader mask. it's just looking good. thanks, amy. here's what's coming up on the fam morning menu. weaver investigating the people who care for your kids. do you really know what goes on when you're not there? and model, fighting for her life. the gut check that sent her back to the doctors after she was told not to worry. a modern romance reality. are men intimidated by your smarts? >> george?
8:07 am
>> i wouldn't be here every day if that were true. >> oh, how sweet. good save. >> that and more on "good morning america." we're in times square. (helicopter engine roars) tpc does whaaat?! (music begins. the song,p danger zone by kenny loggins plays from the pc) pc does what?! hey, guy! pc does what?! shhhh r pc does what no pc has done before.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
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8:12 am
did ginger just sing that? >> was it ginger sing that? >> it's amazing. >> the girl can do it all. >> welcome back to "gma." this morning, we're talking about a growing trend among parents. checking out what's really going on when someone else is taking care of your kids. an investigation our reporter launched as there is increasing concerns from parents. take a look. we're out, undercover. discreetly following this nanny with a professional so-called nanny spy. but whey? >> reporter: caught on nanny cam, shaking a 1-year-old girl. >> reporter: time and time again, we see and hear real-life horry stories of nannies behaving badly. now families are shelling out big bucks for prooifrt investigators like tom and eddie. >> we're getting more calls now than ever before. you have to feel comfortable with this person who is basically joining your family as an outsider.
8:13 am
>> reporter: that is what this first-time mom is looking for. >> it's difficult to find somebody you can trust. >> reporter: our own genevieve brown joined her on the search. >> why did you decide to hire someone? >> i'm a first-time mom. the mum one reason i'm not back to work yet is because i'm nervous of who i'm going to leave him with. >> reporter: we're not showing you the faces. p.i. eddie goes undercover. he follows and video taps every move. >> what are some of the worst things you have seen in your practice? >> we see a lot of nanny distraction. where nanny is not paying attention to the children. we have seen nannies leave children in strollers outside a store. >> reporter: p.i.s are joining a rise in so called mommy spies. moms keeping tabs on care givers. like upper east side mamas. >> the mom who takes a picture and posts it, what motivates her to do it? >> she sees a child, sees
8:14 am
something that's wrong, looks at her own child and says, if this was my nanny, i would want to know. >> reporter: what did p.i. eddie find? >> once you left, she began her walk. wind blew. she checked the comforter? >> compared to what we have seen in the past, how zuz duz she rate? >> a 10. >> this is someone i would want to hire? >> yes. >> genevieve is here with me now. what shocked you most? >> after the background check, the references, the nanny cams, parents are still living in fear. even though the vast majority of the the caretrarks good people. >> it does happen. what's the most important thing that parents can take away? >> the experts tell me, trust your gut. if you think something is wrong, 99% chance, something is wrong. don't did i have those nanny cams just yet. people forget they're there. after awhile, the true behavior shines through.
8:15 am
thank you. now the young model who says she is here alive today because she trusted her gut. her doctors misdiagnosed her. wrong. she kept going back. eventually was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: she's a model. a runway diva. and now, a cancer survivor. >> you know, it's hard to describe what it feels like to have cancer. you just don't feel right. you don't feel like yourself. >> reporter: for two years, plus-sized model ellie suffered extreme pain in her lower back and abdomen. after multiple trips to the emergency room, doctors sent her away with no diagnosis and was nothing to worry about. the 27-year-old's determination saved her life. >> i kind of complained about my stomach hurting a lot more.
8:16 am
i was able to go into a c.t. scan. got the results from that. they couldn't see my left ovary. >> reporter: an ovarian cyst was found. she was suffering from a rare form of stage 3 ovarian cancer. >> when you're stripped down to absolutely nothing to no hair, to scars. it didn't matter if i had a career modeling after this. it just mattered if i survived. >> reporter: she started treatment immediately. underdoing a hysterectomy and three months of chemotherapy. losing 60 pounds through the process. modeling throughout treernlgts even when losing her hair. >> at some points, i didn't feel like myself. >> reporter: this mork, her cancer in remission. using her platform the inspire women to recognize their inner beauty and recognize you can beat cancer. >> it's important to trust your gut. when you have confidence, you
8:17 am
ashton. i love how intently you watch these pieces. 27 years old. that sun usual in that age group for ovarian cancer. >> very unusual. ovarian cancer is classically and commonly unfortunately often dismissed as being attributed to something else. issues. in this case, allege iedly her wait. ovarian cysts are not concerning. but when we see features that we think are suspicious and we cannot biopsy the ovary. that means a trip to the operating room. remember the simple ymptoms. pelvic pain or pressure. increase in urinary frequency. and bloet ating. >> be persistent. know your body. this young woman, she went back.
8:18 am
when should we know to go back and just, you know, demand that second opinion? >> first, robin, i think the doctor. i have a rule, if a patient comes back to me twice, three times, with the same complaints. missed something. for a patient, getting a second set of eyes on it is not always necessary. but how old be considered if should be considered if you need a diagnosis. if symptoms persist. if recommended treatment is invasive. >> how do you have that conversation? so many people are intimidated by the doctor. what suggestions do you have in toepg line of communication? >> don't be intimidated. people fear the worst. that's human nature. most of the time, it's not the case. any doctor who has not seen a patient's intuition at work, in my opinion, has not been practicing medicine long enough.
8:19 am
science. >> you're not offended if >> no. not at all. offended. let's get to amy. >> now on to our series modern romance romance. a new study says men may like the idea of women being smarter than them. but in reality, they're less likely to want to date them. stewardess. >> remember when miranda dumbed down to get a date? >> as lawyer, partner, i got zero. as a stewardess, i got to one for tomorrow night. >> reporter: those fears are not fiction. women with brains are at the top of the turnoff list. >> so men are intimidated by women who they feel outperform them. that it snow diminishes their masculinity. >> researchers looked at 105
8:20 am
they looked the idea of a woman who displayed more bell jens than themselves, when it came to dating, they got cold feet. if beyonce taught us anything -- >> girls who run the world >> we were just having levity here. my husband hates it when i beat him at scrabble. overall? inchts wanted to make sure we were not still in 1952. i thought we were past that idea that, as a woman you have to let the guy with the star in all situations. my second feeling is, if this is how undergraduate men feel, good luck to them. women are earning more college degrees than men. if you're a woman in your 20s, there's a good chance you'll be making the same amount or more money than the guy you're in a relationship with. men have to get used to it.
8:21 am
prove i'm not intimidated. this online survey, we asked the male viewers, would you date a woman matter than you? 87% said yes. 13 skt said no. we skad followup to everybody, men and women together are men intimidated by smart women? 79% said yes and 21% said no. >> someone is not telling the truth there. men, particularly in this study, young men, know that they should be down with the idea. but,listen, these are squernd norms that have been around for millenia. the idea of what men and women should be. >> what is your advice when women see this study? date older men? >> maybe. this study was done on undergranl whats. if you can't find a 22-year-old comfortable with your intelligence, try a 32-year-old.
8:22 am
the bias but don't know it? >> i'm theoretically comfortable. i have to know that that will happen in reality. listen, there's a great line by sheryl sandberg that for a woman, the most important career decision you make is who you marry. there are great examples of men supporting their wives. >> thank you, cindy. let's go outside to ginger. >> i found the sweetest faces in the crowd this morning. this is hawk and abbey from north carolina. hawk, can you clap again. clap, clap, clap. yeah. he's very good at it. i swear. the stationary front staying around for 24 hours. a look at the pacific northwest.
8:23 am
danielle: good morning, temperature starting in the 30' s, 20' s, warming up to the low 50' s. you' re watching rain chances going up wednesday and thursday >> and i've got to get a double high five. give me a double high five. because you're 10. happy birthday, buddy. let get inside to lara and get some "pop." we begin "pop news" with jimmy kimmel. he just wrapped a week of shows from brooklyn. he sat down with the new york mets and star pitcher jacob degrom. >> you can see here, you want to
8:24 am
>> that's the first time i have seen it. he told me about it today. >> before they named it after you, it was called the, um, see, up here in the corner, the brunette seductress. >> jimmy rounded up former elementary school classmates to re-create his third grade class photo. notice the picture. he wasn't able to reach his teacher, mrs. metz. so mr. mets stepped in. a great chat with jay z. all good, jimmie gym my -- jimmy. when we heard cheese is as addictive as drugs, we had to
8:25 am
and this is nacho regular report. this study concludes cheese has addictive properties. but, thankfully with milder side effects. your favorite cheeses contain k-time that plays with dopami e . the hardest cheese habit to kick is pizza. but don't worry, it gets feta. >> a whole wheel of cheese. >> the feta was for you. i always want you to know i'm thinking about you. and finally, this one is for robin. it's a dog story. if you thought your monday morning struggles were tough, check out this fella. it made us smile. all he wants is to try the pasta.
8:26 am
>> what's happening? >> too much dplut gluten. >> it's hard to eat pasta when you're put in a sleeper hold by your owner. >> bad position for puppy. >> that's "pop news." >> a lot more coming up. demi lovato, nick jonas, here live. >> in the social square. and vin diesel speaking out about the new role he's calling cathartic. and what it has to do with paul walker. come on back. did you know someone whose home has a room that needs a facelift? "gma" wants to make over a room for one lucky viewer. go to on yahoo!. give someone the epic surprise
8:27 am
>> this is the newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning, where top story, state police confirmed that a man hit by a car in saugus has died. investigators are now searching for the driver. the victim was hit along with one. a dorchester minerals is a judge today following an attack on a woman on fenway. it was in an alleyway, and threatened to kill her with a knife. she escaped without serious injury. take a live look outside over the city of boston, gorgeous blue skies. danielle: on the cooler side, and the 20' s in some spots but
8:28 am
high-pressure dominating today and tomorrow. the remnants of patricia will give up some rain wednesday afternoon into thursday. heavy rain, gusty wind, and some minor coastal flooding. we turn cooler as we head towards halloween weekend. emily: thank you, jeff larson, i tough commute. jeff: a lot of people will walk into the meetings late, still heavy volume on 290 on the eastbound signed -- side, the crash northbound in chelmsford has traffic tied up, and residual delays en route before and longtime later.
8:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." we have a lot to get to this morning. demi lovato and nick jonas are here live. they have a big announcement to share with us. >> i just spotted robin chatting with them both. >> there she is. >> here she is now, everybody. to bring us this morning's top 5 list. >> i was talking with both of them. let me breathe. in no particular order, everybody ready? here we go. >> top 5 duets. >> number five, captain and ten tennille.
8:30 am
>> we're in an empire state of mind. z. she played it right here. it was great. there's a reason i have this on. number three, it's the one that we want. john travolta, olivia newton-john newton-john. classic. >> tell me about it, stud. >> number two, two country dolly parton. kenny rogers. how could we be wrong sail away with me, to another world and we rely on each other >> what you to think is the number one song? we went old school? a little r&b?
8:31 am
you're all i need to get by. marvin gaye, tammy terrell. that's how i feel. you're all i need. you. >> just don't touch me. we want to know what you think. go to "gma's" face book page and twitter. tell us your top five. >> i'm inside with demi lovato and nick jonas. maybe one day you go to the top of the charts with a duet. >> maybe. >> we're going on tour, nick and i, next year. the future now tour. >> the future now. tell us about that. >> yeah, demi and i were business partners. have a long history of being friends. key for us was about living in this moment. taking a step out individually over the last year and half, two years.
8:32 am
toog it to do it, it's now. so excited to get in front of the fans and cure ate the moment. i was part of the tour two years ago. now to do this together, it's special. >> what do you hope comes out of it all? >> what i hope comes out of it all is we have an incredible time. not only that. but our fans enjoy it. that's the most important thing is taking the show on the road and getting to share this experience. all the fans that have supported this music for the past couple of years. >> talk about being business partners. you're also starting a record label? >> yeah. >> we kind of looked at each other about two years ago and said, we have each had our own journey with not feeling safe to create. you have to be vulnerable to do your best work. we teamed up with our manager,
8:33 am
safe house. starting with demi and i and bramplg branching out to other artists is the goal. >> how do you make it safe to create for a young artist? >> i think it's most importantly asking the artist what they want to do. how they would feel most authentic to themselves. and also just providing them with the opportunity to not only feel safe with creating the professionally. but also in a sense where in the environment, you feel great. we're here. it's that overall -- overall kind of well ps type of environment that you could create music in. >> sounds like a great place to congratulations. the future now tour. look forward to seeing you. >> thank you.
8:34 am
>> so the "diary of a wimpy kid" series is a phenomenon. the tenth in the series is about to be released. we have fans here. they can't wait to hear about diary of a wimpy kid, old school. great to meet you, jeff kinney. >> thank you. >> what do you think it is about your stories and drawings that resonate? >> there is something about greg. he's not a hero. he's somebody you can relate to. very imperfect. full of flaws, just like me. i think kids can relate. >> is greg sort of your child self? >> i think he is. the sum of my worst parts. >> he's very lovable. he makes a lot of mistakes. doesn't make great choices. we adore him. why, is it so hard for greg to make friends? >> you know, i think he doesn't
8:35 am
he makes bad choices. every book has greg with a frown on his face. he's a victim of his own choices. >> in this new book, old school, can you imagine having to go with to electronics, no video games, no iphones. oh, look at you. panic. that's what the story is about. tell us about it. >> well, that's what happens. greg's town decided to bo electronics-free. for a modern kid like greg, it is ziflt. >> and trouble ensus. what made you decide to write that story? >> i wanted to go back to basics. it's the tenth book in the series. i thaulgt ought it would be good to return to the beginning. i made it black. cartoons use black as the primary color. i wanted to start over again. >> some kids have questions. one of the questions you asked, will there be more? this is number ten, do you have another ten in you?
8:36 am
i hope i live that long. i can. greg never gets older. >> when did you first draw greg? >> i think about 1992. as a sample. i had another character, igdoof greg. >> sam, you have a question, >> yeah. >> stand up. >> greg seems like a nice guy. why is it difficult for him to make friends? >> when i was a kid, i had one best friend. so i was really trying to use that, that model. when you have only one friend, it's really risky. if you lose that best friend or make him mad, he's gone and you're on your own. i think that's who greg is. >> cool. you were kind enough to draw us
8:37 am
a character. you drew greg. they'll pull out props. show us how you work the magic. >> pull out a prop. grab anything. how about -- a crown. so do me a favor and add -- >> we have a crown and headphones. we'll do both. you're putting my drawing skills to the test. this might be embarrassing. they're redhead foens. >> we're going to get this done. we'll show you the result when we come back, no pressure. xeshl break, you got time. guys, did you have a good time? you excited oobt it? "the diary of a wimpy kid, old school" goes on sale november 3rd. online. keep 'em coming. we just love 'em. amy? >> well, actor vin diesel is not
8:38 am
driving cars out of planes in his new movie. he's fighting the supersnatch ral. sara haines talked to him. >> reporter: vin diesel is breaking into a new realm with the last witch hunter. gnaw twist on witches, magic, and saving the world. vin is the immortal last witch hunter. his friend and adviser, played by michael caine plans to retire. take a look. >> 35 have come before you. here's to the only one i ever listened to. >> only the ignore it. >> but i always listen. isn't it crazy to see a scene with michael caine and myself? i'm such a fan of michael caine for so long. >> reporter: you said this might
8:39 am
be a highlight of your career. >> it is. >> you have michael caine, rose leslie, elijah wood. what was it like for all those worlds to come together? >> surreal. the cast was so good. such a pleasure to work with them. >> you always mentioned this was a cathartic role for you. with the loss of your dear friend paul walker. you said it was the perfect time for this role. can you tell us about that? >> in my life, and anybody that has kids can identify with this, you never want to subject them to the sorrow that you're going through. or the pain that you're going through. so you try to mask it. and in some ways, coulder, throughout his whole existence is masking the pain of his loss. >> so many people remember paul
8:40 am
and, sara haines, thank you for that. "the last witch hunter" is in theaters now. i see ginger surrounded by cardinals. >> yes, i am. time for the "gma" football countdown. the cardinals of cardinal hayes high school in the bronx. you'll be watching "monday night football" on espn. the arizona cardinals versus the baltimore ravens. kickoff, 83 degrees. they have the retractable roof. don't know if it will be open or closed. dry, light winds. the game, 8:15 p.m. on espn. check out the danielle:
8:41 am
all right. and they're 5-2, which is a good start to the season. all right. coming up on "gma," our "gma" job takeover. and neyo will be here with friend like me. we can't wait. don't go anywhere. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...
8:42 am
this is one of the jobs p where they have to pay you the same. r but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman r in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p and i approve this message. andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most
8:43 am
the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. test text1 plain cc1 test message
8:44 am
time now for "gma's" job takeover. this morning, rachel smith is taking over a pilates class to help the instructor take control of her health. >> reporter: it's a job takeover that will make anyone sweat. it's all for a good cause. when is the last time you had a regular checkup? why is that the case? >> i haven't made ate priority. >> reporter: our sponsor, cigna, is calling for checkups. takeover. my mission to get 35-year-old instructor sidney out of class and in to see the doctor. the mobile wellness van is outside. get out there, no excuses. this should be interesting. down.
8:45 am
your abs tight. i want to see you lengthen. meanwhile, sidney is getting the all-important checkup. i can't wait for her to check out this class is no joke. pump those arms. keep those abs tight. thought it would? >> no, not at all. quick and plansed. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you to rachel with that.
8:46 am
[ female announcer ]r r business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, r r do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. test text1 plain cc1 test message test text1 u we cannot stop smiling. we have two of the the biggest names in music coming together for an incredible collaboration. foster. he's brought big names together singing disney favorites.
8:47 am
love you in empire. thank you. abc. there's a connection all around the world, people and disney. >> everybody has a disney story. a favorite disney song. this, we found, he found for u.s. and, you know. >> did you get to pick or did artist? gren stefani. me. it was a forceful nudge. no, no, no. i love this song. i was a little worried because there is no -- there's no following, you know, robin williams, may he rest. we just took to it the musicality of it. the big band swing. >> you have a special connection with aladdin. >> that's my guy in there. he's asleep. don't wake him up. >> he's in there?
8:48 am
>> we have jesse jay, ariana grande, gwen stefani. i just knew ne-yo could pull this off. he's got so much to him. he knows music inside and out. >> love it, david. love it, ne-yo. off the new album, we love disney. here's ne-yo acomp nid by david foster. "friend like me" from disney's "aladen." >> one, two, three, four. mm well ali baba had them 40 thieves scheherazade had a thousand tales moets xwrour in luke cause up your sleeves you've got a brand of magic
8:49 am
you got some punch, pizazz, yahoo and how see all you gotta do is rub that lamp and say mr. aladdin sir what your pleasure be let me take your order down you ain't never had a friend like me life is your restaurant and i'm your maitre d con on and whisper what it is you want you ain't never had a friend like me hey hey have some of column a try all of column b i'm in the mood to help you, dude, you ain't never
8:50 am
oh, my, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo oh can you please do this can your friends do that can your friends pull this out of their little hat can your friends go poof ya ya so don't you sit there slack-jaud bugdy-eyed i'm here to answer all your prayers you got me bona fide certified what's your wish i really want to know you got a list that's three miles long, no doubt so whoa mr. aladdin sir what will your pleasure be i'm on the job you
8:51 am
ain't never had a friend never had a friend you ain't never had a friend you ain't never had a friend you ain't never had a friend like mow ow, hey, hey, hey, you ain't never had a friend like me t woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. tman: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. p man: here because everyone deserves clean water. t man: here for the cool research. rwoman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. r man: because the oceans matter to us all. p
8:52 am
-man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
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test text1 plain
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test i wish i could tell you what david just said. ne-yo. come on, now. ? we wish we could move like that and sound like that. >> it's not that hard. it's really not. >> sing along, ne-yo. original? >> it's free. it's free. >> speaking of. >> thanks to our friends at "aladdin" for providing us with the magic lantern. kinney. look at that drawing. a special one for us. >> nice, nice. >> have a great monday. [ cheers and applause ]
8:55 am
>> live from channel 5, this is the newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning, you' re skyline. forecast. danielle: don' t let that sunshine full view, it is still 34 degrees in orange. 46 right now in boston. temperatures warm up to the low 50' s for highs with lots of sunshine. again tomorrow, and warmer on wednesday but watching the weekend. emily? emily: watching slow traffic. jeff: you still have a lot of traffic around metro boston, a very slow run. also with the new lane configuration in worcester that is slow getting up to route 2 nine there. a 495 crash
8:56 am
emily: thank you, your top stories, this woman will be in her uncle. she shot clive francis outside the hyde park home on saturday. donald trump is in new hampshire today, he hosted a rally in morning. join us at noon today if you' re heading out the door, make sure you have the mobile app with you.
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